Noise Reduction Insulation & Soundproofing Solutions in London

Acoustic Plasterboard

The alternative to standard plasterboard as its high mass and density helps to block and absorb sound energy giving enhanced acoustic performance to the wall or the ceiling.

  • size: 2400cm x 1200cm x 12.5mm , 2400cm x 1200cm x 15mm
  • weight: 30kg

Acoustic Mineral Wool

A dense fiber matting of rock mineral wool, these slabs have been proven over many years to be the ideal soundproofing insulation material for all applications where noise absorption and attenuation is needed, both in domestic or commercial properties.

  • inherent benefits such as thermal insulation and fire resistance.
  • main purpose is to reduce airborne noise.

Acoustic Mastic

An acoustic sealant and adhesive, high strength and permanently flexible, has been specifically created for sealing and bonding acoustic plaster-boards and other insulation boards to common substrates.

M20 Panels

A thinner recycled rubber sound insulator designed to upgrade the sound insulation properties of partition walls in all domestic and commercial properties. The ideal solution to insulating against a noisy neighbour with a minimum loss of space using this thin concept for wall insulation.

Resilient Bars

Lightweight galvanised steel channels used to partially isolate a dry lining of plasterboard from its timber supporting framework and hence from the structure.

  • Reduces sound waves directly transmitted through the supporting members to the other sides.

Plank/Sound Bloc

Gypsum plasterboard with a higher density core. It consists of an aerated gypsum core encased and firmly bonded to strong paper liners.

Soundblock is a plasterboard that is suitable for dry lining internal surfaces, also designed for use in ceiling, wall and partition systems where great levels of sound insulation are required.

Hangers Type C

Sound insulation system for ceilings designed to provide a barrier to the vibration caused by sonic waves.

Under Floor Hangers

A metal channel with rubber underlay, which is fitted to the joists and acts as an effective sound barrier, specifically for impact noise.

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