Sound Stop Solutions offer soundproofing technology to homeowners and businesses throughout High Wycombe. Our service begins with a free consultation, followed by a free, competitive quotation which is put together by our highly qualified craftsmen who have extensive experience in the soundproofing industry.

As noise reduction and soundproofing specialists, we can offer state of the art technology across High Wycombe which can help you to relax and achieve silence and tranquillity in your home or workplace. We have several alternative soundproofing solutions available depending on the height and area of the room as well as the level of noise reduction required.

You can have your ceiling, walls and floor subjected to our soundproofing service and we will recommend the type of soundproofing which suits both your needs and budget.

For ceilings we offer:

  • Double Ceiling
  • Combined Ceiling
  • Hangers Type C
  • Resilient Bars

For walls we can provide:

  • Independent Walls
  • Resilient Bars
  • M20 Panels

There are a number of alternatives for soundproofing floors, including:

  • High Density AMW and Sound Plasterboards
  • High Density AMW and Acoustic Membrane
  • SIF Underfloor Hangers
  • Resilient Joists Hoods
  • Karma Floor
  • Sound Deck (Various Sizes)
  • Sound Barrier Mats Solutions

Customer satisfaction and care is paramount at Sound Stop Solutions; we tailor our services to each individual client, taking into account the unique layout of every property and the wishes of the customer. Our soundproofing technology can reduce the majority of airborne and impact noises in private, public and industrial properties across High Wycombe and every installation comes with a two year product guarantee. If you have any further enquries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.