The team at Sound Stop Solutions comprises noise reduction and soundproofing specialists who install top of the range soundproofing technology in commercial and residential properties throughout Woking and Uxbridge. Our highly experienced and qualified craftsmen will offer you a free consultation and a free, no obligation quotation.

Our soundproofing equipment is fitted by qualified engineers who have spent years in the field and are highly experienced. We can restore tranquillity, enabling you to relax in your property once again. Our services are available to homes and workplaces anywhere in Woking and Uxbridge.

With several alternative soundproofing solutions available, the right course of action depends on the height of the room, the area of the room and the amount of soundproofing required in order to block out the offending noise.

Soundproofing systems are available for ceilings, walls and floors. The satisfaction of our clients is central to our success; hence our services are bespoke to each individual client, taking into consideration the layout in question and the client’s unique requirements.  Our products are designed to minimise the effect of airborne and impact noises in private, public and industrial buildings. Every installation of soundproofing technology in Woking and Uxbridge comes complete with a two year product guarantee.

If you’re in need of soundproofing materials for your ceiling we provide:

  • Combined Ceiling
  • Double Ceiling
  • Hangers Type C
  • Resilient Bars

The soundproofing systems available for walls include:

  • Resilient Bars
  • M20 Panels
  • Independent Walls

We also have numerous options for floors, including:

  • Resilient Joists Hoods
  • Karma Floor
  • High Density AMW and Acoustic Membrane
  • SIF Underfloor Hangers
  • Sound Deck (Various Sizes)
  • Sound Barrier Mats Solutions
  • High Density AMW and Sound Plasterboards

If it’s got to the stage where soundproofing technology is required, please do not hesitate to contact the soundproofing specialists at Sound Stop Solutions today, our services are available across Woking and Uxbridge.